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Customer reviews are a highly trusted form of content, and publishing reviews is one of the most simple ways to grow your business. Use consumer feedback to increase trust, assist browsers in making informed decisions, and increase sales for a healthier bottom line.


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double_coat has enabled us to share product review feedback for both customer and product attributes. This type of data provides reassurance and clarity for elite cyclists.

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5.00 based on reviews

Jacob Docker
Verified Customer

Fantastic service, and it was very simple to speak with someone to get anything fixed. To be honest, I can't find anything to criticise.

Charles Alderman
Verified Customer

I've been with Reviews for many years and would never consider leaving. Great price, fantastic support, and they are constantly adding services and innovating in their field. The best kind of company to work for. Thank you very much!

Michael Maiden
Verified Customer

Very pleased with the service and the platform itself.

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Credibility is demonstrated by the presence of reviews that have been verified. Your customers will feel more secure about doing business with you after reading an unbiased review from a third party.

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of businesses, ROI is worth the cost.


of customers place more importance on customer reviews than on the price of a product.


shoppers say that customer reviews are an important factor in their decision to shop at an online store.

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