Review Collection

Take your review collection to greater levels.

Automate review collection with our straightforward, user-friendly platform designed for all types of businesses. Collect feedback from customers via SMS or email. Use our Flow feature for smarter collection and see higher conversion rates with review invites sent at the optimal point in the customer journey.

No code. No Stress.

Review request templates that are completely on-brand

With our WYSIWYG editor, you can personalise review invitations to match your brand. It's simple, efficient, and hassle-free - and if you want more control, you can dig into the code for complete customization.

In a single email, request company reviews, product reviews, or both, and conduct unlimited AB testing to find the highest converting invites.

With, we have now been able to customise our email invites to match our brand, which has resulted in much higher conversion.

Trusted by over 8,200 growing brands.


With our Review Booster, you can get results quickly

Make the most of previous sales by sending out review requests in bulk to previous customers. Increase your review count quickly to meet the Google Seller Rating threshold.


Boost conversion with conditional sending

For a more effective collection strategy. Send automated follow-ups based on user actions, such as reminders or support information.

You can even set sending delays based on a customer's geographic location, ensuring that your request arrives in their inbox at the precise time.


UGC collection is automated.

Customers can add images and videos to their reviews, bringing them to life and providing you with authentic content for marketing campaigns.

UGC-enhanced product reviews increase engagement and significantly boost conversion rates.

We got a huge boost in our review count when we used the booster tool, this allows you to send reviews to past customers.

Get more feedback with The smarter collection platform.