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Conversion rates are 18% higher for brands that display product reviews, and the average order value is 11% higher (AOV).


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With our Product Attributes feature, you can provide customers with even more relevant information. Customers at are able to leave feedback on specific items, such as fit, comfort, and quality, in addition to their overall impressions.

Customer Attributes

Customers can identify themselves with the reviewer based on their height or body type, which is a valuable first-party purchase data.

Product Attributes

Track the performance of specific product attributes, such as fit or comfort, to gain insights into their effectiveness.

A nice review helps but adding customers' attributes makes it a more relevant and insightful recommendation.

Switching review provider a breeze.

We'll take care of your review imports and data syncing so you don't have to worry about anything. Our team can usually import and set up your product review in under an hour.


Get product reviews on your site fast.

We have a product review widget that is fast and easy to use. Create a widget that looks exactly like the rest of your site with our no-code editor and has it ready to go in no time.

With the help of product reviews, powerful user-generated content, and customer Q&A, you can easily boost sales without affecting page loading times.

Product reviews boost your Google Shopping conversion by up to 28%.

In order to sync your Google Shopping listings with product reviews, is a Google Licensed Review Partner.

Using product Star Ratings, you can improve the visibility of your website and attract more qualified customers to your online store.


Use product video reviews to increase conversion.

Customers' experiences are brought to life through video reviews. All three of these qualities make them extremely powerful. Every time a review is submitted, you're gaining valuable user-generated content (UGC). Just good old-fashioned customer advocacy in its most engaging form, without any high-pressure sales tactics.

Bonus: The videos can be easily saved and shared on your social media accounts.

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