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Miss Influencer

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Business Bay, Clover Bay Tower, Office 224

Miss Influencer – About Us

Miss Influencer is the launching project of MID MANAGEMENT. The company has been established based on three successful businesses in Budapest and London. A combined idea of a beauty pageant, a media school and an influencer management company, which is aiming to break into the international market with a brand new, brilliant advertising concept by 2023.


Our primary vision of Miss Influencer is to support and strengthen those talented individuals who are ready to use their social media platforms to create value, generate meaningful engagement and build a giant community by empowering each other.
To educate the future generation that the universal message of their Instagram is way more significant than the newest filters.
To position Dubai as a leading cosmopolitan city that very much empowers women from locals to expats and the life here, provided by this compelling metropolitan, feels so much more a modern home than some still can imagine.
To generate strategic, measurable, international exposure on a multi-platform advertisement channel for our partners. /Selected influencers, controlled creative campaigns, printed and online media, press releases, events


Miss Influencer Dubai is dedicated to spread value throughout beauty. We aim to prove that – on the contrary to so many misconceptions – dazzling and powerful women of social media can indeed rule the whole World by using their positive influence on their followers. This time they are not only willing to grow their own personal brand but TOGETHER will publicize and strengthen the brilliance of Dubai and use their strong impact on their combined, enormous crowd to grow the market value of our partners.

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