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Le Inka

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Le Inka Middle East's first-ever tattoo made from an organic fruit. Ships Worldwide

Le Inka

A tattoo made from an organic fruit
Yes, you heard it right. We introduced the Middle East’s First-Ever realistic temporary tattoo ink made from an Organic Fruit. They look and feel like a real tattoo and lasts 1-2 weeks. Unlike other artificial temporary versions of sticker tattoos that sits on top of the skin, Le Inka’s organic formula sinks in the first layer of the skin and then fades as your skin naturally regenerates. No lifetime commitment, no pain, no needles. Hence an authentic tattoo for everyone. And keep changing and keep changing.
Tattoos for everyone.

We know you always wanted to get that stunning tattoo. Tattoos are cool, funky, self-expressive, artistic and a visual display of your personal character to stand out from the crowd.

Le Inka has successfully gone through series of comprehensive and certified lab tests which showcases our dedication and research towards the usage of safe and 100% natural ingredients.
We invented the Middle East’s first-ever tattoo made from an organic fruit.
Lasts 1-3 weeks
Ships Worldwide �

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